cik wanie is back! :D's true..i'm back to this blog.. fer these past weeks,i've been away.. am sorry fer those who stopped by and didnt find anything to read. Y was this blog silent..?? 

Well..first of all..i was on a tough spot due to my outstanding studies fer these past few quizzes & tests on last week of our study...n now i'm struggling fer final exam, i mean fer my 2nd semester of course...&& second..i'm hurm...there is no second..i imagined dat i wouldnt have much to tell, as i'm too busy focusing on my study which is much much more important than anything right now...but still got few things dat happened... hope i can tell most of them in the next days...

Dis semester, i take 7 subjects..6 was done last week...&& there is only one more paper to wanie..dont scream! haha...wish me luck guyz...after dis Saturday, i'm more free to write and to get back on my daily life as everything have been settle all of u..:)) lovelove..

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