‘cause the WORLD needs more JOY :)

Even if u're sad and down inside..even if u need to cry..even when things soo overwhelming..even if the pain just won't go away..put it aside, push it away, look to ur friends' interests, sympathize, and empathize....perhaps, what u need is more of a dose of helping others and not a dose of wallowing in self-pity...

For self-pity is such a selfish thing...it encloses u in ur own little world...every difficulty enlarged..every situation against u...&& then, when u suffer...others suffer along...
hey selfish,self-centered person! people try their best to be with u, yet u taint them with ur foul mood..destroy the day for them or best word i think, killjoy!

No, no, noooo....am not angry...
am juz annoyed...


Friends, do please respect my privacy, do not call me after 01.00 am and this is for those who has my no phone...Please I beg at you all, I hate to pick up any call unless you have emergency things. I have a class everyday 8.30 am till 6.00 pm, certain day, non stop okay ! I do really need enough sleep or better say, rest!... If not,i still need dat time for my speacial one....You call me just wanna have some chats, come on lah you can call me before 01.00 am okay!.. Especially for you boys, you don't even know how to respect my privacy ! Sorry sometimes I just canceled all of your calls, and sometimes I used high voice when I talk with you... So sorry okay ! Please do take notes and I don't want people think that I'm so annoying...Please pleeeassse!


am having an argument with someone and then afterward thinking of amazing comebacks you could of used....=.=

hey people!

grrrr.. im sure you guys will ask yourselves 'whats wrong with this gurl?? is she okayh?? what happened to her this lately?? and why is she being so emo??' hahaa.. well, thats me.. i have my limit to be patient.. and i can laugh, smile and cry so easily to certain people actually.. if you wanna call me that im weak, yea i admit that.. i am easy to cry when something really touch me but am easy to laugh too.. its hard for me to hate or be mad with someone.. i just try to cool myself by keeping a distance from them and just keep quiet.. cuz thats the best way for me to not being too angry and not saying bad words to them.. (: and i dun like to call people bad things cuz that aint right..
ouh yea, speaking about RIGHt, everybody has their own right to talk, do, or whatsoever to other people.. but you must think that if you wanna talk or do bad things to other people,must have some limit.. (: cuz what goes around, comes around.. and what goes up, will be going down.. cheers ~