Life's lessons learnt

So I believe that every day is a new day and we get to learn new things, be it a new word, a new phrase, a new trick, a new way to do something, something new about you as a person, or something new about a person in your life:)

Life they say is a journey, not a destination and as we go along on this incredible journey that really has no roadmaps, and has hidden surprises round every bend some good, some let's say not welcome. Don't you find that just when you get comfortable, think you have a sense of direction, have your goodies for the journey and have your goal - bump - ooops a speed need to adjust the travel plans a bit.

Along the way you pick some fellow travelers and we may not know it then but they are all there for a reason - maybe to point you in the right direction or maybe the wrong, some there to let u know what your strengths are, some that make you rethink your destination, some to create joy and some sorrow.We may think we have a choice but really we do not. It is all determined by the great wire puller. We need to recognise the signs or we get lost and confused. 

As we go through this incredible journey we call life, I think it is extremely important to keep an open mind and heart, to welcome change, to be willing to learn, to experiment, to explore, to taste, yup sometimes even detours - who knows maybe u will find your paradise there? Or your oasis which you would not have if you decided to stay on the path and yup you can also get lost and end up where you don't want to.... it is all a matter of taking a chance.

As they say you never know till you try it:) Life has so many flavors, so many varieties, so many colors, so many choices, so many options but we limit ourselves with this self imposed restrictions because we do not think it is the right thing to do. And we may possibly miss out on some incredible experiences or scenic views as we continue on our safe path.

Life is short and unpredictable, full of challenges, happiness and sorrow, good and bad so while on the road of life - put the top down - of your car, feel the wind in your hair, the drops of rain on your face, the smell of fresh mown grass, smell of wet earth, belt up and get ready for the unexpected and have an adventure!

Here's to lots of laughter, giggles, snuggles, joy and fun - Let your inner child out Run free and have a tumble or two....Cheers... :)

choices...this or that??

Life is full of choices:) 
Do you or don't you, will you or won't you, should you or shouldn't you, could you or couldn't you, yes or no etc... and then once you do take that leap and do make a choice then starts another set of choices - what ifs or maybes:)

Sometimes I wonder what would life have been without choices? Dull n drab? Monotonous, boring, one dimensional, quicker, simpler or just plain vanilla?

Someone truly said "Variety is the spice of life" If there was no choice, then I would still be eating white bread and not tasted chocolate croissants stuffed with almonds, would be drinking plain old chai, instead of chai au lait, or drinking regular coffee with regular milk, instead of rich dark roast columbian coffee with irish creme:) I could go on and on - again my choice - but I choose.....

Life is short and unpredictable, there are a lot of things to see and experience, lot of things to do, lot of things, emotions waiting for you - good n bad - Let us not waste it by bickering, complaining. Let us put our pride, our egos, our pre conceived notions aside n embrace life - but again u have a choice - to do or not....

Great Expectations!

Great or small propel a lot of our actions. Rarely is an action taken without expecting something at the end of it. One gives with, yes, the expectation, of receiving something at the end of it. When one does not receive what one expects it strains the relationship, it mars our outlook,makes us resentful.....

Is it possible to give without expecting something in return? I think once a person stops expecting anything, that person can find contentment. Mmmmm... but I was expecting ... Ah hah there you are. I did this because I was expecting that you would......

It seems we spend our lives living upto others expectation of us or rather what we perceive as their expectation of us. No wonder we are messed up - because dont you think it is but impossible to meet everyone's expectation? I for one, will first try to live upto my expectations and then......

MOOD: shocked fer what i didnt expect!

rollercoaster called LIFE...

Life is like a roller cooaster
Ups and downs
Twists and turns
sudden drops to bottom
lifting u to dizzying heights
only to drop into a free fall

I have always been nervous
about rollercoaster
worried about the twists n turns
apprehensive and yes scared.

Deep inside I know all
I have to do is get into one n
face my fears, I know
I need to be able to step out of my comfort zone
I did take a small step in
a small rollercoaster

One step at a time I can do it
I will
I have to
Only hope it is going to be worth it...

thinking with the heart, not head.. is it the right one??

Desire, lust, excitement, nervousness, frustration etc. etc. etc...all come under the seemingly innocuous word "Emotions"...

Well, emotions govern our lives... It motivates us, depresses us, makes us impulsive and in many ways defines us as a person... I think people who can control their emotions live better lives than someone like me who is a bit emotional doormat.. 

Hmmmm so who exactly is an emotional doormat?? (I coined the phrase btw..haha) Well someone who thinks with her heart, not head, someone who naively still believes in the fact, that people are what they say they are, no hidden agendas because after all...why would one make life more complicated than it already is? Someone who genuinely cares about people, is empathetic and yup, a little sensitive... Yeah, yeah..i can say, that is me and now you know why I am confused and bewildered....

I feel like I am an anamoly, I am positive, extrovert, generally happy, motivated, yet sensitive, extremely emotional, get hurt easily but always trying to cover it up, impulsive oh well...

Emotions - We need to be able to control it and not let it control us. Profound, huh :)

i wanna.....

I wanna
walk without stumblin
run without trippin
get out of the chair without fallin
dance without tumblin

I wanna
cook for my babies without stumblin
drive them to activities without crashin
play with them without trippin
read to them without fumblin

I wanna
be able to skip down the stairs
hike treacherous trails
dance with gay abandon
do things at random

I wanna
be busy runnin
doin things without thinkin
creatin, visualisin, makin
all the little things that make up
the intricate nuances called LIFE



yea...i cant deny dis's easy to say that u love someone..L.O.V.E..such a simple word isn't it?but u can never imagine how challenging the path u r goin through once u said it to someone..someone u prove da takes a life many things u have to learn and experience, so many things u have to change and sacrifice in ur life, so many things u have to do for it..but i do believe dat all r worth if u do have da LOVE...n yea..i promise to myself..i am going to prove it to 'someone' eventhough it may takes a lifetime...:)

Hearing something that
 kills u inside and having to 
act like u are fine is 
one of the bravest thing in 
the world...

right now is never da same as before.....

I’m changing, evolving depending on 

time and situation

if u hate it, turn away & back off! go 

away from my life and act like u never

 existed...! i dont mind & i dont even

 care...this is my life!


i just had a talk with my friends bout something.. and i feel so guilty right now.. i didnt mean to treat you badly.. and i have no intention to do that.. and seriously i have no idea what to do right now.. i feel like im a bad person by treating you like that. i feel so guilty right now.. :( i thought i wanna ask you whether you're okayh or not.. but im afraid that you'll do the same thing like you did to me last time.. and yea, i have to be fair to you and everyone.. and i have to treat you nice like i treat others. i should not have any boundaries to do like that.. im SORRY.. -.- i hope that, you'll read this.. when i talked to my friends bout this, i felt like crying cuz im so BAD like HELL.. huhu.. i just dun know what i want.. im confused. and im afraid that you'll fulfill your promises to me.. but i dun know. -.- ouh god.. please help me bout this.. i dun want to be a gurl thats full of questions that cant be answered. i just hope that this prob will be settled nicely..

p/s: dear me....:(

important person named " friend "

Friends - a meeting of minds, heart and soul, a connect, a rapport, an understanding, an instant connection, shared giggles, fall back when you need a shoulder to lay your weary head, someone who takes you for who you are and loves u unconditionally all of your goofy crazy self.
You meet so many people over the span of your lifetime... not everyone becomes your buddy, there are only a few with whom the connections is total and complete, there are some that are connected but not fully and then there are aquaintances.
You can be friends even if you have not met the person physically, or even spoken to! In the age of social networking we have a whole new way of making friends.....
Again some manage to get close to your heart and become your best buddies where they understand you and your moods and are there for you. Friends who motivate you, love you, inspire you only through their written words and love in their heart and true genuine friendship in their hearts.
A friend is someone who smiles when you do, commiserates when you are sad, tells you the truth even if u do not want to hear it, holds out a hand when you fall, through the good times and bad times will be there, will be ur rock.
This particular note is for all my friends who have enriched my lives with your love, support and motivation. I hope I am also that friend for you.

painful things about love...

here are few painful things that may or had happened in our lifes...

1) bringing back the feeling you've learned to forget
2) reminiscing the good times
3) trying to hide what u really feel
4) loving someone who loves another
5) having a commitment with someone u know would not last
6) shielding ur heart to love somebody
7) loving a person too much
8) right love at the wrong time
9) taking risk to fall in love again
10) accepting that it was never meant to be
11) "what ifs"

hope that all of this will never ever happen in our lifes...amin~

when a guy really falls in love~ :)

Bila lelaki benar-benar jatuh cinta dan setia pada kekasihnya dengan ikhlas, perubahan sikapnya amat mengejutkan. Hati lelaki yang dianggap keras selama ini, tiba-tiba secara semulajadi menjadi selembut kapas apabila sudah jatuh cinta dengan relanya. Bahkan lelaki yang mabuk cinta sanggup berkorban dan buat apa sahaja untuk kekasihnya.

Sekeras manapun hati lelaki ia akan mengalirkan air mata apabila hatinya dilukai. Untuk melihat lelaki menangis amatlah payah. Diantara tanda-tanda lelaki yang jatuh cinta dengan hebat ialah:

1. dia bersungguh-sungguh melakukan sesuatu untuk kekasihnya dengan rela bukan kerana terpaksa.
2. Dia sentiasa ingin menghiburkan kekasihnya danberubah menjadi orang yang kuat bercakap.
3. Dia banyak menasihati kekasihnya kerana dia amat menyayangi kekasihnya.
4. Dia berusaha mengongkong kebebasan kekasihnya kerana perasaan cemburunya yang meluap-luap.
5. Dia sentiasa takut kehilangan kekasihnya.
6. Dia sentiasa mengawasi pergerakan kekasihnya kerana dia sentiasa berasa curiga.
7. Dia tidak suka ada lelaki lain rapat dengan kekasihnya.
8. Dia mudah merasa cemburu dan sensitif apabila kekasihnya tidak menumpukan sepenuh perhatian kepadanya.
9. Adakalanya dia seperti seorang anak kecil yang meminta perhatian kerana dia mahu kekasihnya melayannya lebih dari orang lain.
10. Dia menjadi orang yang paling rajin dan sanggup membantu kekasihnya melakukan apa saja.
11. Dia pandai merajuk hati kerana ingin dipujuk oleh kekasihnya.
12. Dia akan menggelabah apabila kekasihnya berjauhan daripanya terlalu lama.
13. Dia sentiasa mempastikan keselamatan kekasihnya.
14. Dia mementingkan kekasihnya daripada dirinya sendiri.
15. Dia kerap bertanya adakah kekasihnya mencintainya kerana dia merasa kasihnya lebih kuat daripada kekasihnya.
16. Dia tidak akan melayan perempuan lain yang tidak ada urusan penting dengannya.
17. Dia cuba meluangkan lebih banyak masa dengan kekasihnya walaupun terpaksa menunggu kekasihnya dengan sabar.
18. Dia membanggakan kekasihnya di depan orang lain.
19. Kalau ditinggalkan oleh kekasihnya, ia akan berasa serik dan tidak percaya dengan cinta perempuan lain namun dia sentiasa mengharap kekasihnya kembali kepadanya.
20. Apabila timbul orang ketiga,dia akan hilang akal dan sanggup berbuat apa saja untuk merebut kembali kekasihnya.
21. Dia menganggap kekasihnya sebagai orang yang paling dipercayainya dan sanggup menyerahkan harta walaupun nyawanya sendiri.
22. Dia tidak akan berlaku curang kepada kekasihnya namun jikalau dia berbuat demikian itu bererti hatinya belum 100 % mencintai kekasihnya.
23. Bukan semua lelaki sanggup menitiskan airmata hanya untuk seorang perempuan.

dis is what i found in the girls, if u found a guy like dis, hold him & love him or else u'll regret it..believe me..u will..
& fer me, i think i found, let the time decide the rest..



I'm done with least fer dis semester II..pheww! this is what we call freedom everyone..! u know y? b'coz this is the moment when i dont have to run my life with the same routine..i dont have to wake up early and take a bath with so-damn-cold water every morning...i dont have to get ready in 10 minutes juz to catch a cab to class, or else i have to walk there..huh! i dont have to mess up my day with all those assignments, project works, tutorials and lots more..i am soooo relieved! :)

but, not to say that i hate it...well..actually,

yea..seriously! compared to any other science subjects..i prefer math of course...coz math is not about reading and remembering something's more to understand and know how to apply it into calculations...well, i do love calculations..but sometimes,

it didn't work out much to me..maybe i am the only one who is in love with it..but it doesn't..i hope not!, my last paper fer final sem II was on 30th April 2011 which was Math Logic..&& with holidays fer 4 months started!

4 months is not a short many things i can do during that time..but da question is, which one is the best that i should do??i am still searching fer the answer and i hope i will find the perfect answer soon...what i can hope fer now is that i can spend the whole four-months wisely, but most important, happily...

&& yeah...till we meet again Mr Mathematics!

it's not how we USE it, it's how we PLAY with it...

i just watched many videos in you-tube..well..quite boring doin nothing...n suddenly i caught dis amazing video..dis video illustrates the power of words to radically change ur message && ur effect upon the amazed me seeing the pen is mightier than the sword if we know how to handle and use it well..
so,what i can conclude here is that..

words...its NOT how we USE it, it's how we PLAY with it... :)

cik wanie is back! :D's true..i'm back to this blog.. fer these past weeks,i've been away.. am sorry fer those who stopped by and didnt find anything to read. Y was this blog silent..?? 

Well..first of all..i was on a tough spot due to my outstanding studies fer these past few quizzes & tests on last week of our study...n now i'm struggling fer final exam, i mean fer my 2nd semester of course...&& second..i'm hurm...there is no second..i imagined dat i wouldnt have much to tell, as i'm too busy focusing on my study which is much much more important than anything right now...but still got few things dat happened... hope i can tell most of them in the next days...

Dis semester, i take 7 subjects..6 was done last week...&& there is only one more paper to wanie..dont scream! haha...wish me luck guyz...after dis Saturday, i'm more free to write and to get back on my daily life as everything have been settle all of u..:)) lovelove..

my dream-to-be! :)

check out my future...
i do hope those will be in the real life...
not just something i can dream of....
go wanie! u can do it! :))

survey on wedding?? =.=

I was tagged by Miss Deyla on dis survey...thanx n enjoy mine! ;)

1. how old are you?
:: 20..almost! ::

2. are you single?
:: how bout taken...??=.= ::

3. at what age do you think you'll get married?
:: 25 atleast... ::

4. do you think you'll be marrying the person you are with now?
:: no more YES or NO for me..i'm his! so, depends on him now.. ::

5. if not, who do you want to marry?
:: to none..i'm done with love..prolly be a gypsy and travel the world.. ::

6. who will be your bridesmaid & bestman?
:: bestman i'll let him choose..bridesmaid will be uhmm..still dont know..i used to have one on list BEFORE.. ::

7. do you want a garden/beach or traditional wedding?
:: all of the obove.. i wish! =) ::
&& not to forget! how about..huge floating decks that can fit 2428 people..floating in the middle of the wedding will be there..starts when the sun is setting..then slowly ends thru the night..with candles floating freely around the deck.....a sports yatch will be waiting not far from there..i'll ask him first bout dis...=.=

8. where do you plan to go on honeymoon?
:: An isolated island,can i??..i'll make him the happiest person in the world being with me only.. ::

9. how many guests do you think you'll invite?
:: 2824 people...thats it..others who cant attend..blame it on the mind and not the heart.. ::

10. will that include your exes?
:: nope..unless they wanna do the cleaning.. ::

11. how many layers of cake do you want?
:: one big cake to cut..for the groom and family..guests we serve cup cakes, but the same taste as my cake.. ::

12. when do you want to get married, morning or evening?
:: like i said...start at sun set..ends slowly thru the night.. ::

13. name the song/tune you'd like to play or sing at your wedding.
:: he just gonna sing specially for him...

14. do you prefer fine dining or just normal spoon & fork? knife?
:: fine dining for me and my bride..others..finger food...we in the middle of the calm pollutions wanted.. ::

15. champagne or red wine?
:: none of the above..but fer sure not syrup! ::

16. honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?
:: a sports yatch is near by..sneak out without any one realizing..kidding!huhu..days after married will always be my honeymoon...=.= ::

17. money or household items?
:: smiles ::

18. how many kids would you like to have?
:: how many can he handle???? ::

19. will you record your honeymoon in DVD/CD?
:: only my groom will know.. ::

20. whose wedding plan would you like to know next??
:: any one reading...cheers ::


dilemma ~.~

life is about making choice.
if you want one,
you have to let the other one go.
and i am indecisive.
i'm not good in making decision.
i hate choosing. 
so, i choose not to choose.
let everything runs with the flow.
what else do i have to do?
 just sit back, and let time decides everything.
guess dat's da best for now...

p/s : syg2...wait yea..da time will come..=.=

sweet talker am i? =.=

people say i sweet talk too much..
now i'm beginning to wonder..WHEN and to WHO?
the problem is..i never did..i speak the way i speak..

i type the way i type..everything i do..i dont fake it..
when i say i love you..i mean it..
but why people still wanna play games on me..accuse me..

and makin them silly opinions on me?
if you dont know me.. dont speak about me..dont even mention my name..
dont even tell stories about me..
once i get fed up..i'll leave..
i will try to hold my head up high for as long as i could..
but when i cant no more..i'll walk away..
some how some way..its better to walk away then fighting..
i'm a talker person..i dont do fights..

at times i listen to people talk about me..
i wonder whats the resource..
is it facts or just words of manipulation??
i never lie to people..
they just dont understand what i'm trying to deliver..
i'm sick of all this..
of everybody talking shit bout me..
infront they goody-goody..
behind the back..
they worst then da PIGGY..

if you say i'm good..
yeah i'll be glad too..
but it dont mean i'll say the same thing about you..
if i dont like you..
i'll tell it straight to your face..
no offence taken i hope..
i'm just tellin the truth..
i dont fake...
i dont play no GAME



this is me..past present changes in the future...
but most important is... i dont try to be some one i'm not...
accept me if you want to...
if not...turn away && walk.... everyone the same? =)

I read this article the other day that was amazingly written called something along the lines "What Women Want"..or something like not really sure...anyways back to this hubbizel! i decided to speak my mind about what i think on the romance & guys && girls!

When it comes to dating,i personally think that women can't be thrown into one category and all sat that we want the same thing...i know my fare share of girls who love the whole romance things..however,candle light dinners and long walks in the park does not seem all that fun to some...i have never known a girl to say her perfect date was a candle light dinner and a long walk...come on!this is the 21st century people! women,a new kind of species..then what we were back in the 50's compared to now...?well,no offence okay...this is just my opinion,so don't be sooo hatin! ((and yes i said that g to the hetto yo,okay i'll stop now..haha)) yet,girls now-a-day want more then just being treated like this delicate flower...when it comes to me,i want a guy..guy as in someone who is not all into romance and someone who isn't afraid to get dirty a little you know... 

Talking about perfect dates,i would love to just hang out with people order pizza and wings,have some drinks and watch movies...i'm all for going out every now and again..however,not all the time and when we do go out I wanna go somewhere where I can have fun...ehmm..maybe going out for karaoke, playing bowling or rite?yet it still look sweet to me because you can have fun & enjoy yourself together...appreciate every moment you've got there...!never waste even a second of it!i dont want to go out to a dinner where we have to all romantic and that is going to run him about rm500 for a dinner!if that was case,i would prefer the guy cooking some comfort food by ourself & having a candle light dinner at a special or rooftop maybe?haha....
Now ladies,i'm not saying that our guys should not romance...however,just don't expect them to be your girlfriends..they are your partner..that's all i'm saying and guys...dont try and be someone who you are not!i think that goes for everyone! 
All in all..i'm  just saying that if you are into romance,then go for that...but,my idea of romance for your first date is sitting together,side-by-side on a comfy place and eating food already know you and that you can pronounce and spending a ton...just have fun and not try so hard..the most important key tho in any relationship is to talk to one another and see what they wanna do! cheers! =.=

p/s : i am so looking forward to my next date! 
wait for me dear! 
mood: full in lurve! =))

showing your love...

What else you guyz waiting for...say the love-words to your partner now...! :)

Arabic ----------------------------------
Ana Behibak (To A Male)
Arabic ----------------------------------
Ana Behibek (To A Female)
Assamese -------------------------------
Moi Tomak Bhal Pau
Bengali ----------------------------------
Ami Tomay Bhalo bashi
Bolivian ---------------------------------
Quechua Qanta Munani
Bulgarian --------------------------------
Obicham Te
Burmese --------------------------------
Chit Pa De
Cambodian ------------------------------
Bon Sro Lanh Oon
Canadian --------------------------------
Catalan ----------------------------------
T'estim Molt (I Love You A Lot)
Cebuano --------------------------------
Gihigugma Ko Ikaw.
Chinese ---------------------------------
Wo Ai Ni
Corsican --------------------------------
Ti Tengu Cara (To Female)
Corsican ---------------------------------
Ti Tengu Caru (To Male)
Croatian ---------------------------------
Ljubim Te
Czech -----------------------------------
Miluji Te
Danish ----------------------------------
Jeg Elsker Dig
Dutch -----------------------------------
Ik Hou Van Jou
Ecuador ---------------------------------
Quechua Canda Munani
Esperanto -------------------------------
Mi Amas Vin
Estonian --------------------------------
Mina Armastan Sind
Farsi ------------------------------------
Tora Dust Midaram
Farsi (Persian) --------------------------
Doostat Daram
Filipino ----------------------------------
Mahal Kita
Finnish ----------------------------------
Mina" Rakastan Sinua
Flemish ---------------------------------
Ik Zie Oe Geerne
French ----------------------------------
Je T'aime
German ---------------------------------
Ich Liebe Dich
Greek -----------------------------------
S' Agapo
Gujarati ---------------------------------
Hoon Tane Pyar Karoo chhoon
Hebrew ---------------------------------
Ani Ohev Otach (to Female)
Hebrew ---------------------------------
Ani Ohevet Otcha (to Male)
Hindi ------------------------------------
Mai tumse Pyar karta hoon (to Female)
Hindi ------------------------------------
Mai tumse Pyar karti hoon (to Male)
Hungarian -------------------------------
Icelandic --------------------------------
Eg Elska Thig
Indonesian ------------------------------
Saya Kasih Saudari
Irish ------------------------------------
Taim I' Ngra Leat
Italian ----------------------------------
Ti Amo (Relationship/Lover/Spouse)
Japanese --------------------------------
Kimi O Ai Shiteru
Kannada --------------------------------
Naanu Ninnanu Preethisuthene
Kiswahili --------------------------------
Korean ----------------------------------
Tangsinul Sarang Ha Yo
Latin ------------------------------------
Te Amo
Latvian ---------------------------------
Ess Milu Tevi
Lisbon ----------------------------------
Gramo-Te Bue', Chavalinha
Lithuanian ------------------------------
Tave Myliu (Ta-Ve Mee-Lyu)
Macedonian -----------------------------
Sakam Te!
Malay/Indonesian ----------------------
Aku Sayang Enkow
Malayalam ------------------------------
Njyaan Ninne' Preetikyunnu
Marathi ---------------------------------
Me Tujhashi Prem Karto (to Female)
Marathi ---------------------------------
Me Tujhashi Prem Karte (to Male)
Norwegian ------------------------------
Jeg Elsker Deg (Yai Elske Dai)
Persian ----------------------------------
Tora Dost Daram
Polish -----------------------------------
Kocham Cie
Portuguese (Brazilian) -------------------
Eu Te Amo
Punjabi ----------------------------------
Mai Taunu Pyar Karda
Romanian -------------------------------
Te Iu Besc
Russian ---------------------------------
Ya Vas Liubliu
Serbian ---------------------------------
Lubim Te
Serbo-Croatian --------------------------
Volim Te
Sinhalese --------------------------------
Mama Oyata Adarei
Slovak ----------------------------------
Lubim Ta
Spanish ---------------------------------
Te Quiero
Sri Lankan ------------------------------
Mama Oyata Arderyi
Swahili ----------------------------------
Naku Penda (the person's name follows)
Swedish ---------------------------------
Jag A'Lskar Dig
Swiss-German --------------------------
Ch'ha Di Ga"Rn
Syrian/Lebanese ------------------------
Bhebbek (to Female)
Syrian/Lebanese ------------------------
Bhebbak (to Male)
Tamil -----------------------------------
Nan Unnai Kaathalikkiren
Telugu ----------------------------------
Neenu Ninnu Pra'mistu'nnanu
Thai -------------------------------------
Ch'an Rak Khun
Tunisian --------------------------------
Ha Eh Bak
Turkish ---------------------------------
Seni Seviyo*Rum (* means O)
Ukrainian -------------------------------
Ja Tebe Kokhaju (true love)
Urdu ------------------------------------
Mujhe Tumse Mohabbat Hai
Vietnamese -----------------------------
Em Ye'U Anh (to Man)
Vietnamese -----------------------------
Anh Ye'U Em (to Woman)
Vulcan ----------------------------------
Wani Ra Yana Ro Aisha
Welsh -----------------------------------
Rwy'n Dy Garu Di
Yugoslavian -----------------------------
Ya Te Volim
Zulu -------------------------------------
Interlingua ------------------------------
Io te ama

p/s : I LOVE U!!! =))