Friends, do please respect my privacy, do not call me after 01.00 am and this is for those who has my no phone...Please I beg at you all, I hate to pick up any call unless you have emergency things. I have a class everyday 8.30 am till 6.00 pm, certain day, non stop okay ! I do really need enough sleep or better say, rest!... If not,i still need dat time for my speacial one....You call me just wanna have some chats, come on lah you can call me before 01.00 am okay!.. Especially for you boys, you don't even know how to respect my privacy ! Sorry sometimes I just canceled all of your calls, and sometimes I used high voice when I talk with you... So sorry okay ! Please do take notes and I don't want people think that I'm so annoying...Please pleeeassse!

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