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I read this article the other day that was amazingly written called something along the lines "What Women Want"..or something like not really sure...anyways back to this hubbizel! i decided to speak my mind about what i think on the romance & guys && girls!

When it comes to dating,i personally think that women can't be thrown into one category and all sat that we want the same thing...i know my fare share of girls who love the whole romance things..however,candle light dinners and long walks in the park does not seem all that fun to some...i have never known a girl to say her perfect date was a candle light dinner and a long walk...come on!this is the 21st century people! women,a new kind of species..then what we were back in the 50's compared to now...?well,no offence okay...this is just my opinion,so don't be sooo hatin! ((and yes i said that g to the hetto yo,okay i'll stop now..haha)) yet,girls now-a-day want more then just being treated like this delicate flower...when it comes to me,i want a guy..guy as in someone who is not all into romance and someone who isn't afraid to get dirty a little you know... 

Talking about perfect dates,i would love to just hang out with people order pizza and wings,have some drinks and watch movies...i'm all for going out every now and again..however,not all the time and when we do go out I wanna go somewhere where I can have fun...ehmm..maybe going out for karaoke, playing bowling or rite?yet it still look sweet to me because you can have fun & enjoy yourself together...appreciate every moment you've got there...!never waste even a second of it!i dont want to go out to a dinner where we have to all romantic and that is going to run him about rm500 for a dinner!if that was case,i would prefer the guy cooking some comfort food by ourself & having a candle light dinner at a special or rooftop maybe?haha....
Now ladies,i'm not saying that our guys should not romance...however,just don't expect them to be your girlfriends..they are your partner..that's all i'm saying and guys...dont try and be someone who you are not!i think that goes for everyone! 
All in all..i'm  just saying that if you are into romance,then go for that...but,my idea of romance for your first date is sitting together,side-by-side on a comfy place and eating food already know you and that you can pronounce and spending a ton...just have fun and not try so hard..the most important key tho in any relationship is to talk to one another and see what they wanna do! cheers! =.=

p/s : i am so looking forward to my next date! 
wait for me dear! 
mood: full in lurve! =))

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