sweet talker am i? =.=

people say i sweet talk too much..
now i'm beginning to wonder..WHEN and to WHO?
the problem is..i never did..i speak the way i speak..

i type the way i type..everything i do..i dont fake it..
when i say i love you..i mean it..
but why people still wanna play games on me..accuse me..

and makin them silly opinions on me?
if you dont know me.. dont speak about me..dont even mention my name..
dont even tell stories about me..
once i get fed up..i'll leave..
i will try to hold my head up high for as long as i could..
but when i cant no more..i'll walk away..
some how some way..its better to walk away then fighting..
i'm a talker person..i dont do fights..

at times i listen to people talk about me..
i wonder whats the resource..
is it facts or just words of manipulation??
i never lie to people..
they just dont understand what i'm trying to deliver..
i'm sick of all this..
of everybody talking shit bout me..
infront they goody-goody..
behind the back..
they worst then da PIGGY..

if you say i'm good..
yeah i'll be glad too..
but it dont mean i'll say the same thing about you..
if i dont like you..
i'll tell it straight to your face..
no offence taken i hope..
i'm just tellin the truth..
i dont fake...
i dont play no GAME



this is me..past present changes in the future...
but most important is... i dont try to be some one i'm not...
accept me if you want to...
if not...turn away && walk....

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