i just had a talk with my friends bout something.. and i feel so guilty right now.. i didnt mean to treat you badly.. and i have no intention to do that.. and seriously i have no idea what to do right now.. i feel like im a bad person by treating you like that. i feel so guilty right now.. :( i thought i wanna ask you whether you're okayh or not.. but im afraid that you'll do the same thing like you did to me last time.. and yea, i have to be fair to you and everyone.. and i have to treat you nice like i treat others. i should not have any boundaries to do like that.. im SORRY.. -.- i hope that, you'll read this.. when i talked to my friends bout this, i felt like crying cuz im so BAD like HELL.. huhu.. i just dun know what i want.. im confused. and im afraid that you'll fulfill your promises to me.. but i dun know. -.- ouh god.. please help me bout this.. i dun want to be a gurl thats full of questions that cant be answered. i just hope that this prob will be settled nicely..

p/s: dear me....:(

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