happy birthday darling! =.=

burfday boy! he's a man now..:)

Guess what!!!
It’s your birthday today!!
So what I have to say?
Is happy happy birthday!!!!!=)
I hope I can make your dreams come true!
But. Part of me says I already do.
My dreams have come true
That dream is filled with you
Filled with love and happiness
But, mostly you!!!
What can I say
I love you
Knowing you love me to
I try to find the courage to say I love you.
Yet it seems, when I’m near you..
When I’m near you..
I seem to not know what to say.
It’s overwhelming. Knowing that you?re mine
All mine. Not another girl can have you.
You’re the only one I need
When I dream I dream of you
Dreaming someday I’ll be with you
Now that I have you..
All I can dream is?
Dream you will be mine forever.
All I can say is I love you!!!
I love you!! <3

If we lit a birthday candle, not for every year..but for every kind words you've spoken..every caring deed you've done,every single life you've touched...am sure..the room will be filled with radiant glows...=.=
&& you've certainly hav touched my life and my heart, dear..so,am taking this oppurtunity to show my deepest thoughts and feelings for you, the person i love...today is your day,the day that god had sent you to meet me...someday is the day i will celebrate and you to cherish it...lastly,may all your dreams come true, && when they'd do...i'd be wit you syg! 


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