why it always there when we dont what it to be there....???

problems ouh problems..

they cant get out from our lives right??
too much risks and bla bla bla.. 
just that we wanna face them or not.. 
hmm, i just dun know..
this lately theres alot of things that happen to me.. 
but i know, i have to be patient no matter what.. 
yea, i know..
and everything happens for reasons.. 
and at the same time, that makes me feel strong to face all these things.. maybe?? 
and when i feel down, i'll do something that can cheer me up.. ^.^ 
sometimes, theres a smile on my face even i dun know why its there.. 
but i'll put it on to satisfy all the people and myself.. (:

p/s : i may not look that strong, but dun piss me off..
you wont know what hit you.. ^.^

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