counsellin' session! ;))

last night having a long-long talk with my BFF...she told me that she just broke up with her boyfiee...maybe coincidence..but i just realized and discovered that some of my friends did broke up with their boyfiee,recently...well..i dont know exactly what to say actly when the told me all their stories..but i'm trying to be da best listener they ever had...dats all i can do i guess..da most important least i helped them to chill them up..n did released their tense aight?

but!ladies!!its not the end of the road.did you girls ever noticed that,every cloud has a silver lining.c'mon girl.those guys are totally noob and shit okay?they don't deserve you girls.i means totally!!so,chill3x okay?let them go..just think n do whats best for ur own life first k my dear..n don't worry..i'll always be beside u,support u n give help as much as i can k....

listening to their problems really made me realise how great my life is...eventhough not all are sweet but still i'm much happier than all of them..i have a nice n loving amazing handsome boyfiee..sweet sis n lil bro..thank god for all!! :D

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