~ desicion ~

What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?
i've been hardly thinking what i actually i want in my life, recently...
how the future will be look alike? -.-"
duh..seriously i am getting headache when thinking all those things..
and one thing for sure i am going to work eventhough I marry a very rich guy or even a prince..life would be so fascinating then. so much vain right? HAHA.
sem 2 life will coming SOON means i am so into leaving MAWAR WORLD very-very soon too!
from girlfriends and boyfriends, classmates, foods in DC, annoying guards, college indeed and everything laah!  
well..i’m goin to stay outside for the next sem wif my fabulous friends…
thanx to Kak Yin and also to Sir Kamarul Affendi for givin us a place to stay…
if not we planned dat NR building will be ours…haha
cant wait,but still feel a bit scared…this thought is seriously killing me deeply and softly…
prominently, i ought to survive! I can! repeat I CAN PEOPLE! 
naaah, it's doesn't bother me at all.. mom n dad told me everything is in my hand...
dear LORD, bring me in the right path. aminnnnn... :D

p/s: final day just 5th days moreeeeeeee! 
and it's really freaking me out -.-'

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