what actually i want in life??

I feel like it is time for me to start everything all over again and rethink about everything all over again..I got this headache all night long that prevented me from doing my favourite activity..Everything that happened around me were not as i expected it would be...My study,my life aren't that good and not that bad..When I did something,i'll get something and yes if i did nothing i'll get nothing...:D

Holding to these phrase sometimes makes me wonder that doing nothing is as good as doing something in a particular matter...I hope that my life here would last for three years without me being suspended or rejected....Having a life that I want is a dream for me and I need to achieve that with my own bare hands....People do accept us in certain ways, but not always, because we are being neglected by this so called civilized society that didn't know on how to appreciate things carefully....

I came here with a hope that one day i'll be back to my hometown with a degree, a mathematician to be is the aim and a life full with experience is what I'm expecting...An improve in my languages and my social skills as well as my public relation are the things that I care the most and for me without those things,you are nothing even if you come with a complete package of degrees....i am not a perfectionist but i want it to be perfect...always!

I live my life to the fullest and I won't do things that I don't want to do....I do feel that doing things that i like to do now,means nothing for me....Is it better for me to stop doing it or not?I guess I won't stop because i enjoy doing it even though it means nothing especially when it comes to accounts...I like the subject but then i just don't like to study it and prepare myself for the final exam that is coming tomorrow.

Yes, i'm dead... :p

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