Girls Day Out Theraphy :)

Having a nice dinner at section 2 with piqa n kelly...and then went karaoke at Bintang Gemilang situated at section 7..the karaoke centre actly just opened up in not more than 2 weeks..and it had been our second visit there..what more can i say...maybe yea..we're da gediks one...haha..;))but pliz k..we know how to handle our social life...what important everyone is..WE'RE TOTALLY NOT A BITCH OK!mind ur words when u feel like wanna talk to us...hmm..

no matter what others say,we're da fabulous fantastic four...;pp

having fun inside the regular room singing about 25 songs in a night was totally stupendous;awesome guyz..!even it drove me to the last sweet voice of mine...especially with my dearest fabolous friend!cant deny dat we got the attention by many kind of eyes there... but then problem came up..n we cant go back to our hostel exactly b4 what we'd promised to our boyfies..sorry dear..but i have a strong reason for doing soo...i hope u understand our situation..but still..i'm sorry for doing dat n promising u,it wont happen twice ya...;))

so,dat nite..we went overnite at a nice restaurant,Kamal's Corner if i'm not mistaken..we've been there eating,watching the television n having a nice long talk together..heart-to-heart especially regarding our problems lately..girls..i know i'm not perfect..but seriously,u guyz make my life here almost complete..i heard so many bad things from people around me..but i really hope dat our friendship will last forever..i wish u guyz are my bestfriends n we will always be together no matter what happen...o^.^o

then,we had our breakfast early in the morning at KFC restaurant...around 6 in the morning..we excitedly entered the main gate of uitm because everyone r sooo sleepy..we didnt even sleep dat nite remember??haha..things r not so easy,eventhough we arrived infont of our college but still we cant get into it..guess what we did??hehe...yea2...we climbed over da back gate of our college...haha..go girls!chaiyok2!!superb lady!;pp

but all in all..even it drove me to the maximum level of tiredness!!dat day was da best day we manage to settle up few things dat messed up our days as a student here..we finally feel the happiness back inside the hearts of us..thank god!

p/s 1; enough loitering lady! go STUDY.
got three more tests to go through.
need to absord everything within one week for the final.
aminnnnnnnnnnnnn :D

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