theory:people breakup during exams, couple on holiday :p

 this entry im writing is about a theory i got about relationships.
okay2 maybe it is more of a hypothesis or an idea..
Care to hear?


During my second semester of my matriculation level, 5 of my friends broke up with their bf/gf and some of the couples i know are going through a rough patch...
Another observation i made was during my final exam week which was on the last semester in uitm shah alam, there were large number of people in my F*cebook friend list who change their relationship status from "in a relationshop/married/engaged" to "single/its complicated".

And yes! majority of them are going through their finals!! 
i think its because the lovey, flirty feeling they felt before had diminished as the hectic-ness increase! 

dats what i can conclude from my observations..maybe yea,maybe not...i dont even know exactly what actually made them like dat...whatever it is...i am so-so-so grateful for having such an understanding boyfie who never stop showering me wif his love n cares.....
i love u baby!<3

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