hoping for da miracle...

"circle of life"......................!

yea..finally,i've got da best word for dat..maybe??

dis is what we called "life"..it's like a wheel..one day,we will be on top,and another day..u might be on the bottom of it..so,what we have to do is..prepare ourself for any possibility dat might happen..guess dis is our time..

sygg..i need ur trust...no matter what happen..i wont leave u alone..i'll always be by ur side okie?i promise...god knows how much my lurve to u dear....<3

btw,to my bestie,syaraf..thnks for those semangated words! *crying wif love*
i know i can count on u...u're da best crying shoulder partner man! 
other than my baby la k..=) dis is da best maybe...
god do have plan something more good for us in da future...be storng girl..n be supportive to ur dear...i belive dis is not da end of da road...but its named as CIRCLE OF LIFE!

i heard this :

ketika Allah tidak memakbulkan doamu, DIA sedang mengujimu di dunia ini. Ketahuilah akan diperkenankan ketika akhirat sana. Dan ketika kamu mengetahui betapa indahnya nikmat yang diberikan disana, kamu tidak akan menginginkan nikmatnya di dunia ini. LA TAHZAN.  

ya ALLAH,KAU permudahkanlah segalanya bagiku.Kau perkenankanlah doaku.KAU bukakanlah jalan bagiku.aminn.

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