24 September 2010!

finally!legally and officially 19th...aww....swear this is soo LAME girl :p
btw thank you to all those wishing me Happy Birthday..u guyz rocking my day :))
it's my last teen though =.=

well..time do flies quickly,moving in breakneck speed especially when we r with our loved ones.. :) 2 days together wif my dearest  felt like only a second..dis is da 1st year,i celebrated my birthday away from my family..but still..it'd been da best birthday ever...my boyfie came to shah alam from kluang juz to celebrate my birthday together..what more can i say??god,seriously...i cant describe how happy i am to be by his side...especially on dis speacial day...really appreciate dat...o^,^o

me n u together..countdown for 24th sept! :D
sygg...thanx soo much for always being there for me..u always make me hepi...u shower me with love n caring...i know u try hard to take care of me dear....n i'm not blaming u for any bad things dat happened while we r together...take it as a fate ok...n let it be lessons for both of us..it might bring good things for us in da future,who knows rite?whatever it is,u made me who am i today...i dont care what others will say...or even care if they hate to see da new wanie...yea,u changed me...but it's not wrong...u make me in love wif u only! u make me better dear....u r da inspiring,wonderful,awesome lover i have met..ILY! hope one day,i can officially,legally be ur wife..so i can take care of u juz da way u take care of me..i'm praying hard for it,though. amin....

not to forget,thanx to Aten,Akim,Mira(fiq's sis),Tengku,Puteri,Izzat n Putera for spending time wif us too...u guyz really make my day..thanx so-so much guys! the heels, the cards, the necklace, the keychain, the dress,the huge rose pilliow,the singing, the wishes, the sms, the mms - are more than enough friends :")


ILY all,indeed <3

**dlm list birthday present thun ni...pling ske heels dri abg!^^
u really know what interest me lar dear ;))
i love you eternally

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