uni life babe!=)

hey fellas!

UiTM's student here.....hehe;)

it had been almost 2 months,studying at UiTM Shah Alam...fyi,never thought dis is what i will go through 4 about 4 years...bcoz,at 1st...been offered into UiTM Arau,Perlis..seriously,cant find da perfect words to describe ma feelings dat time..all i knew,tears never leave my cheeks...haha..n 4 dat,i tried to transfer to da main campus...

n today,here i am....thank god...i remember i got a call from putrajaya,bhagaian kemasukan pelajar ke ipta if i'm not mistaken...dat time,i was packing my stuffs as i'm goin to kluang to meet my boyfie n his fam...well...i'm goin to Arau ok...hehe..it was like,dat would be da last time we met b4 i went to Perlis...but nothing can take us apart..i've got transferred!n dat was da greatest gift ever...i'm soo hepi n soo lucky to be here... ;))

hmm..well,i wanna share throughly on how my life goin on in UiTM Shah Alam...
4 dis 1st sem..i'm staying at Kolej Mawar..it's da best college here as Kolej Mawar had been awarded as da best '5S' college in UiTM Shah Alam..but da worst part is...bcoz of dat,they always find any wrongdoings dat da students do..so dat they can kick us away from dat college for da next sem....

oh yea..da best part of staying here is..Kolej Mawar is near to Dataran Cendekia...and everytime i'm going down,i can't stop myself to atleast eat something...but somehow,i'm getting slimmer n slimmer since being here...really!haha...maybe bcoz..everyday,need to go up n down from level 5...uish!

takin' Bsc Managemnt Mathematics,of course put us in Computer Science and Mathematics Faculty...or its old name..Information Technology and Quantitative Science Faculty...well,our fac is at the top of da uitm...now,can u imagine how sick we r to walk to claz every day...;p 

our lovely fac,eventhough sometimes look like 'kilang baja'..hahaha

nway,meet my new roommates from 1A-04-31..;))




**i've got such havoc but nice roommates...=>

and meet my new cliques from CS2281A...;))




**these 3 gurlz really make my day...love them much!

oh yea..not to forget..my dear classmates from CS2281A...
our claz members only 17...but still,we hav great time studying together...;))

this is what we did during CSC class...splendidly have fun okay. HAHA :P

 We are friends and I do like to pass the day with you in serious and inconsequential chatter. I wouldn't mind washing up beside you, dusting beside you, reading the back half of the paper while you read the front. We are friends and I would miss you, do miss you and think of you very often :)

So far...clazzes r okay!da schedule 4 dis 1st r not so pack..so,we still can relax2 a bit..but still,i did skipped a few claz...haha...kidding!evhink dats da best thing being in CS2281A...=))en da lecturers r okay too...thank god...they dont give us lots of asgnmnts,not like what other claz do...nway..da subjeccts dat i learn in dis sem,4 BSc Management Mathematics r...

**Introduction to Financial Accounting and Reporting
**Fundamentals of Computer Problem Solving C++
**Islam and Asian Civilization
**Calculus 1
**Linear Algebra 1
**History and Philosophy of Science

one more thing...i'm one of da lucky person here..bcoz i dont have to take part in koku...as i already involved in PLKN...yeah!PLKN Pdg Hijau is da best!!;))

i thinks dats all for now...o^,^o

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