it's my hobby :)

it had always been my hobby 
to click on your name while im on-9ing
if i on9 for 100x per day,n it will be 100x im clicking on ur name
although, its always been da same thing as u rarely updating your page.
 but i understand,u r way too bz 2 spend time for it
at least,u still have time for me
it's more than enough dear!

why do i heart you dear?
u're worry that you're not for me.
is it because u can't give me jewelleries?

hurmm, if it is one of the reason..
please.. n i mean PLEASE do not worry.
i wish for none of the above.
yeah, its always been in love story, bedtime stories..
in da end cinderella meet the WEALTHY prince charming.
snow white, sleeping beauty meet all the prince.
they'll live in the far away castle,
filled with wealth n etc.
wearing great dresses, jewelleries on their hands, neck.
haishhh..wasn't it too much for a story?

im none of the princess, n i will not meet the prince.
but im SYAZWANIE, n i found my SYAFIQ!
dats more than enough.
i have my big honeyboo dat i can hug n keep me company while I sleep without u.
i have the bracelet dat always shines juz like ur eyes when u look into mine…
i have the bangle safe inside my bag even if im not wearing it..
i have the shoe dat i can wear wherever i go..
i have our pic in ma purse dat prove u r my dearest one. 

what most important is…..
I have our memories in ma mind dat can makes my tears shed
when I remember all dat b4 I close my eyes at nite….
i have everything as long as I have u!
if u ever asked me again to find my wealthy prince..
again u'll hear da same answer.
cause, if ever i try to separate myself away from you.
its like...
pulling my heart out of the body.
its like...
trying to extract the core of the apple without cutting it.
its IMPOSSIBLE without hurting myself.
so please stop thinking bout my future
let us think for ours dear!
i want to be by yourside.
its okay if we went dating n u juz take me away n didn’t buy me anything..
coz..all I want is to be beside u…
n it's not a lie....i love u..

**saya sayang syafiq saya!!<3

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