touching2! =))

hey fellas!

cant really sleep tonite..maybe too excited to celebrate 'pg rye' esok kot...
or maybe it is also bcoz of da joy...finally,i heard da awaited voice tonite!
after one whole day waited,without knowin what exactly goin on!huh!
well..mlm rye...i bet everyone will be sooooo hepi wif their loved ones...
i cant deny da same thing goes to me..
ptg2 lg da blik umah my granny kt gemencheh,negeri sembilan...gather wif all my relatives...
goin crazy wif cousins..maen mercun,bunga api...manje2 wif my only cute-little-niece..
but somehow still feel a bit sad deep inside...syg i xde!='(
syg...i wish i could be there wif u...tman u selalu utk jge u...
jage mkn minum,pakaian.waktu tido u..but maybe its still not da rite time..
i know i'm not perfect..sometimes i do hurt u..maybe not purposely..but if not..i still cant run from it dear..
but promising u dat i'll learn all of it...learn on how to be a good life partner..a good wife..
so i can take good care of u when da time comes...
i wish for it so so so hard!
hmm...i'll do as what u told me k...
dont ever let ur heart full wif sadness while dat time actually for u to be happy!
i'm glad i have u to cheerish my day dear!
I LOVE U!=))

p/s: da mood goin to blogging suddenly burst tonite..haha
nway...hepi eid mubarak to all muslims...
tomorrow i'm gonna wear my new dress..yeah!^^

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