a beautiful malay wedding :D

isn't it sweet?ever since i was a little girl..i've always loved attending weddings-be it a personal friend's or as someones partner..n y not??
a wedding has to be one of da best moments in da lifecycle of a relationship..it's dat pivotal moment where 2 come together n make dat huge commitment of "FOREVER AND EVER"....Well, during my two-months-holiday, i recently attended da wedding of one of my relatives n da other one is my friend's wedding..again i said..my friend,a 19-year-old-gal..haha...am sori..am excited n of course a bit shocked too actly bout their wedding....they tied da knot after goin out for nearly 4 years when they first felt in love to each other since highschool..it was soo romantic, touching, n i must say whenever i see them now...there's a certain extra loving glow about the two...owh,how lovely they r..<3
but..its not so suprising as i also have a few other primary-school-frenz who already have children at my age now..cant imagine their lifes now..hoho
it's a bit sad to say dat i lost their pics..accidently formatted my memory...huh!:'(  but its ok..its not necessary to show all those pics..what important is i wanna share to u guyz on da happy moments of those weddings..;D
As it was a Malay wedding, they had da akad nikah (signing of the marriage contract) in da morning, followed by makan beradab (lunch reception). This went on till about 3 pm, whereafter everyone went home to rest until da evening ‘party’. I hope you guyz enjoy these wedding photos which i "googled"..juz for replacing what i'd lost! haha =.=

Once da akad nikah is completed (they really do actually sign a contract!), da bersanding ceremony follows...Here guests must shower da couple wif rice and scented water, to signify a blessing to da couple..the couple sat on da pelamin or dais that they had made for the special day...
dis is actually da part of wedding i like da most! sitting on da dais together wif a guy u juz married n every eyes on dat wedding look straight to u, juz u! my god...i cant wait to feel it myself..but am quite sure..its gonna be few years to go for dat moment...hmm, its okay..not need to rush..i can wait n i will..*for my dear* ;))

Da overall theme was a colour palette of red, pink and white...it looks great..well..i've been wondering on how my wedding would be..haha..i guess...combination of aubergine, platinum and lilac would be soo nice,yet elegance... ;))

isn't it look nice??;D i want something very simple,easy goin wif a touch of elegance....for me..da most important ingredient is da company - n sometimes dat's all u need, ur friends & ur family on ur big day.... ;))

but nway...congratulations to them..:D

Today is a dream realized from years past,
da white dress, da wedding cake, da promise of a love dat lasts..

Today is da beginning of a journey da two of u now share,
da vow to love, honor, and cheerish now seen in da rings u wear...

But tomorrow, tomorrow u will wake as a husband and wife
where da person next to u is urs for life...

And so my wish to u both is dat when u wake each day,
u will  turn to each other wif da same look u share today........


  1. sukesuke post nie ! ble la turn any nie kn .. pas2 bru anna .. hahaha ..

  2. tq2..2la..bile la kte nye time kn anna...sumpah terkejut tgk kwn2 wanie..ramai da tunang n kawen..ad y da ad bby da..hoho
    kte sbr k syg..;))