Whenever i feel depressed (well, I DO get depressed !), my mind gets full of things to blog anout..about how sucky everything is...about how terrible things unfair some situations are...
so,i open my Windows Live Writer n stare at da blank page..thought buzzing around....emotions fluttering about...then, i decided not to write anything...
and i havent n wont ever, regret doing dat.. ;))
bcoz i know dat soon n very soon, God will deliver me fron dis ditch..for thought da sorrow may last for da nite...his joy will come in da morning...he'll carry me up, n lift my head up high n i can smile..n yeah.. dats what happen..i'm smiling now..hoho :DD

now,dont blame me for not talking or sharing my thoughts n emotions; its juz dat i've a great god...n he's more than enough...:)

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