within 18 days =.=

time do flies quickly,moving in breakneck speed...
it is a big number aight..?but somehow..felt like i dont realise those days passed me by...damn!haha..seriously,i can count on how many days i'd stay in my very own house, sleep in my own bedroom..yes,i've been loitering lots and hanging out with my loved ones...what can i say,study is not da priority in student's life rite now..so,take da chance man! enjoy ur holidays...ngee~
but no matter what,being at home is da best part of da holidays..u know y i love being there?hell guy!dats  such a stupido quest to ask! of course everybody loves to be at their own homes..n so do i... :p
top reason! a lots of food surely! not telling dat there r no foods in shah alam but yea..its all about money..i have to pay for every single thing dat run through my aesophagus..haha..here,all is mine dear.. fuh!heaven! i dont care whether i may get fat..most important is, never waste dis precious moments!haha :D 

besides, the way my fam treats me is toooo nice..i heard people say dat even ur haters will miss u when u r away for a long time..haha...my aunt says dat ma parents pampered me much..its not my fault,they love me as well me,though..wee~~even my semester break should be called egregious yet i love it as i got extra love from mama and ayah!  I LOVE U GUYZ! :)))
enough of dat...hmm...i wonder what my gurlz do rite now?are they working n not like me?or maybe juz sleeping n doin nothing at home??getting fatter or slimmer??haha..gurlz!i really miss u guyz!how i wish i am  at shah alam rite now with all of them...:') my last day with those girlz,Kelly,Fieqa, n Bella were still fresh in my mind.. i cant forget how happy we were after we finished our last paper on7hb,Calculus if i'm not mistaken..rite after dat last paper..we went to shah alam town..n enjoy our day to the fullest!!ouh!so great!! :D  then its time for us to went home...sad!but no worry..sure we will meet again dear..infact,we r goin to be housemates for da upcoming sem's.remember?? :)) 
can't wait to meet u guyz back!
glad to mention..i've got da chance to meet my bestfriend too....of course my big bro Syaraf..hoho
thanx dude for spending time with me..eventhough u r bz with ur revision n ur exams..but u still got time for me...terharu!auww!!haha
thanx for all n till we meet again dear.. :)
owh ya!i almost forget! speaking of Syafieq,my boyfie..there's one thing i wanna share...well, i think everyone seems to know dat logically,we r quite far away from each other..i'm in Shah Alam or Malacca sometimes..n he's in Kluang or JB..but the speacial part of us is dat..within 21 days..we've met more than 3 times..either planned n unplanned..haha..n not only met ok,we did spent our time together doin so many things..we walked, we shopped, we watched movies, we sang beautiful songs for each other..n we blablabla...but one thing dat really captured me dat time was when he taught me on how to play pool..gosh!i never thought it could be dat hard...guess dat i need to practice more...what an embarassing moment!haha..but still,i had so much fun doin it..thanx dear!<3

love ya!!<3

since it's gonna be 3rd Jan..which is da time i need to be back to shah alam..means dat, i need to use my moments in home wisely..hehe..i'd scrutinize and confirmed it as its gonna kill me though...deeply seriously..fine...its a hyperbola...i'm juz fine with dat...in real..i rather be there in 25 dec bcoz home seriously driven me to boredom as my fam arent goin anywhere..my parentz are bz taking care of my lil bro who juz get his p***s cut..or in other word..SUNAT!!!! hahahaha
"being at home drive me crazy??"...sound wreck and freak rite?yeah,bcoz this is totally not me...fake..but damn..it's me who wrote all dis..*evil laugh*
hence,to avoid the feeling of boredom..i'd list out things i'm gonna do within the next 30++ days..

  • finished up my novellas.. i've been in relationship with it since a few weeks though..
  • going to picnic..yet have to wait till my beloved lil bro back with his old mischievious attitude..or simple words,getting better..haha *on hold*
  • outing with all the sharodzians..not all..but some of my cliques..yeahh..bestfriends...:))
  • shopping for sure..this one i'm very-very eager to go. HAHAHA.
  • kissing and hugging mama more often ! :D
  • sleep enough as well as eating too. HAHAHA. no no. you'll grow fatty. *on hold*
i'd better stop now..too much for now..out! :D


  1. cik gebu .. sweet sgt .. tringin sgt nk cm korg .. mm.. cyg korg laa ..

  2. hehe..cik gebu glad to hear dat..n praying for u na...u'll get urs one day k..:)
    hope all dis happiness will last dear...^^

  3. my dear sister wanie...
    mne ko dpt gmba aq 2??
    ko rembat kt fb ea??

  4. hehe...semestinye...i loike la dat pic...smart2...:))