pain makes life a it?? XD

Fucking Fever 
really tortured me guy 
psyche and mental indeed
-______-"'m gettin better...i mean a lot better okeyh.. :) compared to last monday..cant even sleep well coz da whole body of mine were soo-soo-soo itchy..n of course look terrifying wif all those pop pop..haha..i lost my appetite too for few days earlier but yet am not losing weigh,not even a kg.....:p n da worst part is dat i cant go parentz say dat while we r having dis creepy little pop2,we should never let da rain from gettin in contact wif our skin..or might get worst..i mean..lots-lots-lots more pop2 will come out...haha..well..eventhough if they're not telling it,i still wont go out..hell no..!!not wif all dis pops...but not too long haa...juz a few days more..n am gettin ready to shot out from dis bore-to-death place...*monster laugh*haha

btw,millions of thanx to all  who took care of me for da whole week especially to mama & ayah...ILY forever n my love towards u guyz never paused :")) n abg, i love u too, a lot okeyh..thanx for all..i dont think of mentioning it's hard for me to say every single thing u did for me..coz there'r too many of it..but all in all...thanx-thanx-thanx n thanx..lurve ya!.:")

n to all friends.thanx too for all ur kindness, wishes n also advices...omigod..terharu gile!especially when some of them said dat they r willing to take dis pop2 from me rather than seeing me suffer for it..*eventhough i know they r juz 'gebang lebih'*..haha..but dis is what friendz for..they r wif me while i need one..juz like a lover..thank god i have them..^^
i hate CHICKEN POX,seriously but somehow, i learnt da meaning of LOVE,CARE,N PATIENCE, deeply...thank u fever coz u make me appreciate people around me much :))

p/s : islam said dat,when we're sick...our sins gonna be vanishes..
may my last dream come true...amin.. :D

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