distance makes us apart, but loves n cares always make us stay in one heart :)

I miss the old days when we were together always;
I miss the old time when we were there for each other;
I miss the old moment when we laughed and cried along;
I miss all things about you guys;

Never fail to lend me a smile
Nor leading me to smile
Required all the time for shoulder shared
Nor love and sadness spared

Syafiq and Syarafuddin;
Both of you colours my life;
Paints and drawings are your artwork;
In the sacred cloth of mine;

Thanks for everything;
A boyfriend and a bestfriend;
Both bff;
We will be together always;
I'll be there soon enough;
So we can let the fire burns out loud.

Tribute to my bff, Syafiq and Syarafuddin... Without you guys, I am just a person... With you guys, I am me..
Thanks guys for everything...:DD

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