what is graduation??almost all of us celebrated it or will someday..but do we know da real meaning of it..?
some people say dat it's da end of da best years of our lives..some would say dat its when we're forced to grow up n become adults...some would say dat it's juz another day,no different than any other day,other than da scrolls,da funny outfits, n da clapping...some go into it silent,awaiting their chance to be recognized for their victory dance..
not enough with dat.some use stupid comparisons to describe it by saying dat it's like an opening of a new door or dat it's like taking another step on the never-ending ladder of life...
some praise it,<3..but some dread it...
every1 has a different opinion but there's 1 thing dat we all agree on..there's 1 quest on da back of all our minds dat we worry about every time we think bout dis speacial da...
n da quest is : WHAT'S NEXT???huhu~ ^^

thinking of it never bring us to an me...graduation marks da end of an era..but da end of it is juz a new beginning to da next-more-challenge-ing step..:) where we go from there n what new frontiers we r meant to discover may remain unseen,but as we step out those doors n stare into da 1st lights of what is to come n what is to be,always remember dis day's victory..for no matter what tomorrow brings,be it simplest path or a road wrought wif twists n turns, dat day...we share an all graduated students,congratulations...

n not to takin dis oppurtunity to give speacial wishes to kak Fatin Izzatie a.k.a Kak Long, my boyfie's eldest sis for being done wif her degree in Physiology..i bet dat is one remarkable achievement in their fam...happy for u kak! :)

ops..also to two more persons which recently..might become closer to me..haha
to my young-dedicated lecturer, Mr Kamarul Affendi n his girlfriend,Kak Yin who in juz a month will become my housemate...i would like to wish to u guyz too...congratulations!

i may not saying it loudly..but deep inside..i always wanna be like u guyz..
more effort n patience..dats all it will be my day...:)

so,on last 27hb Nov 2010,ur achievement were celebrated..congratulations again kak!<3
always take wif u da memories, da knowledge n da self-satisfaction of a job well done okeyh!:D

"With Faith in God, You Can Achieve Everything You Dream of on This Graduation Day."

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