sorry seems to be da best word..:")


Even if u're's better to be on da side dat goes, "I'm sorry.."
bcoz, then..da other side has an either-or-option---to forgive, or to hold da grudge, which would make him/her/them look childish n unforgiving..
besides.. "SORRY" works wonder on wounded pride, egos n's much easier to bring him/her/them to ur point of view when he/she/they r calmer...
nway, sayin sorry requires lots of effort n kills da proud.. :D
using sorry like dis :

" I'm sorry i fell in love wif u.. sorry i gave everything u wanted, sorry i was there for u all da time.."

Dat's not apologizing..dat's something called GUILT-TRIPPNG...bcoz,what is da person being "apologized" to goin to respond?? it's all right, i liked it when it happened??n actly it's my style to see those gulity faces...instead of hurting them..i think it's better to make those person felt guilty for what the did..hmm...

it reminds me of some parents in movies too... :

parent to teen : "Well..i'm sorry for givin u da best!!"
Best way to counter?
Teen: "It's all right, i didnt really need da best anyway..."

OH..WHAT A WORLD.........  =.=

but dats what we called's juz piece of words from me on what happened lately...opss!! :p

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